An effective way to showcase your products with one page website

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An effective way to showcase your products with one page website

Many times it happens that we need something and we don’t know it’s available nearby. Many small-scale businesses have unique items to sell that customer needs. So how about if customers get your branded URL and visit the store to buy? Isn’t it amazing?

Here comes an idea one of our customers suggested to simple BROCHURE WEBSITE. It is suitable for all small to medium level businesses, stores, hypermarkets. The concept is simple where you will get a branded website with a products listing. The 100% focus will be on shopping without the distraction of other pages.

We launched this for one hypermarket in Dubai got overwhelmed response. The customer is having more than 300 products on website admin and manages very well. Interestingly this is suitable for any business from home to a professional company.

So if you have the following business you can easily promote the products:

  1. Fruits, Vegetable store
  2. Grocery store
  3. Meat and butchery shop
  4. Cake and bakery shops
  5. Food and beverages
  6. Florist
  7. Gift articles
  8. Cloths and fashion
  9. Cosmetics, beauty, and perfumes
  10. Jewelry making
  11. Electronic items
  12. Pets and animals
  13. Wine and liquor
  14. Musical Instruments
  15. Books and Stationery
  16. Sports Accessories
  17. Architecture, interior, vastu products
  18. and so on….

What amazing you will get?

  1. A strong admin panel to manage products, categories, promotional banners, today’s offers.
  2. A front-end website for customers hosted on your own branded domain and hosting.
  3. Complete mobile responsive website design.
  4. Whatsapp button for quick orders.
  5. Social media buttons with links.

Advantages of having a brochure website:

  1. Complete dynamic products manage from admin panel.
  2. Very user friendly and simple interface to manage data.
  3. Attractive, professional mobile responsive website design.
  4. Cost effective because of simplicity.
  5. Completely available on customers branded domain and hosting.


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