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To boost the static HTML page to create modern interactive and dynamic user interface, a technology by Google is a phenomenon stack to build larger applications with highly scalable project architecture. At Nullplex we work on multiple AngularJS versions starting from 1.5 to V2, V4, and V5 and produce extensive project frameworks.

Hire our AngularJS web development company to build mobile and web apps using AngularJS Development Services. Our developers will deliver clean, easy to read coding standards and produce easy to maintain web app within very little development time.

Single Page Application- AngularJS provides flexible, well structured and dynamic framework with JavaScript to develop front end and SPA. It allows users to refresh a certain portion of a web-page by routing any content stored in a separate HTML file.This ultimately speeds up the application.

Client Side Processing- It’s a Javascript framework so it gives solid solutions for client-side websites. This is also one of the reasons for high-speed page load while performing massive CRUD operations.

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