What is Micro Frontend? Why use Micro-frontend?

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What is Micro-Frontend?

Micro-services are the modern mode of architecture used to build applications, in such a way that one module is independent from another. or loosely connected. Micro Frontends are the same Concept as frontend technologies. we can develop and deploy different modules as per our needs. Micro Frontends provides a modern approach to building applications by breaking an entire application into smaller modules or services.


Benefits of Micro-Frontend:

1) Scalability: The application can be scalable by dividing our application into smaller parts we can divide our large application into easy and manageable ways.

2) Easy maintenance: By Dividing the frontend into smaller parts, we can manage our application easily and track the changes.

3) Code reusability: By using this approach we can able to reuse components and functions all over the application. (ex. buttons, tables, grid, etc.)

4) Scalability: The application is scalable and can be developed independently without being affected by another module.

5) Higher performance: With the micro frontend architecture, a specific module of the application is loaded on demand, thus reducing the initial loading time, leading to higher performance of our application.

6) Difference frontend technologies to use: we get a choice to use different tech stack in our different modules for ex. vue, react, angular.



When we will decide to use Micro-Frontend?

Micro-Frontend is used when our application becomes larger and there is scope to add multiple functionalities to the application. Each module will have its specific purpose to work and together form one Micro-Frontend application.


Challenges in Implementing Frontend:

There are some pitfalls to using these approaches for micro-frontend.

1) To Organize Teams for Different Micro-Frontends.

2) Handling of Authentication and Error management across all applications.

3) Testing Each Module is difficult.

4) Data Sharing and communication between two modules may be tricky.

5) Deployment CI-CD pipeline may be a bit difficult.


Wrapping Up:

Micro-frontends are the way to resolve big challenges of Applications in the current frontend world. It resolves the challenges to develop and maintain applications. we should need to understand our application requirements and choose the Micro-Frontend.


For more reference check out this frontend application https://github.com/atishbagate/micro-frontend_movie-app


- Atish Bagate.


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