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AlhindBC is provider of professional corporate PRO services. Their team of experts with industry expertise and know-how will help you submit your documents consistently and accurately, making the process faster and more cost-effective. We offer a range of high-value PRO and government services that can assist all types of companies and ventures, allowing our clients to focus on their business plans while we clear the path with streamlined license, visa, and government services

AlhindBC was established with the purpose of providing a diverse range of services that meet the needs of the fast-booming business community in the UAE. AlhindBC is a registered agent of all Major Free Zones and our professional experts are here to handle company formation services and allied businessmen services. We are trustable legal aid partners helping Entrepreneurs and Individuals in Incorporation of Companies, obtaining Trade License and all Legal documents, Visas for Owners and Employees, registration with Chamber of Commerce and PRO Services.

We created an appealing website for our client's business, as well as a back end with an ERP system. The ERP includes features like,
1. User roles and permission management are included in the ERP. 
2. Management of document processing with status tracking (pending, in progress, initiated, etc.).
3. Invoicing
4. Reports


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